Week of September 25 - 29th, 2000

Periods 1, 4, 6

Monday Class New Vocabulary
Homework Pages 110-114.  Page 115 Exercises #1,#4, #6
Website Review new vocabulary
Tuesday Class Review new vocabulary.   Learning how to ask directions.
Homework Pages 120-121.  Page 123 Exercise #1.
Website Review new vocabulary.  Directions Exercise.
Wednesday Class Review of directions.  Use of the verb "Hacer".
Homework Pages 130-132.  Page 132, Questions 1-10.
Website Review new vocabulary.  "Hacer" conjucations. Practice quiz.
Thursday Class Review of new vocabulary. 
Quiz New vocabulary.
Homework Study materials taught this week.
Website Review of new materials.  Take Self-Evaluation
Friday Class No new activities
Exam New vocabulary, reading comprehension, verb conjucations.
Homework None