las vacaciones de Navidad - the Christmas holidays
Nochebuena - Christmas Eve (literally "night good")
día de navidad - Christmas Day
el día de los Santos Inocentes - 28th December (similar to April Fool's Day).  On this day you play practical jokes "las inocentadas".  In Ibi (Alicante) locals battle each other with flour. In Velez-Rubio (Almería), a citizen is appointed mayor for the day and has anyone who shows up in the town square arrested and taken off to the local lock-up.
Nochevieja - New Year's Eve (literally "night old")
Año Nuevo - New Year
el día de año nuevo - New Year's Day
la Noche de Reyes - Three Kings Day Eve (5th of January)
la cabalgata de los Reyes Magos - the procession of the three kings.  This is a parade held on 5th of January.
el día de Reyes - Three Kings Day (6th of January)


árbol de Navidad - Christmas tree
regalo de Navidad - Christmas present
adornos de Navidad - Christmas decorations
una corona de Navidad - Christmas wreath
el muérdago - mistletoe
el acebo - holly
flor de Navidad/flor de Pascua (Spain) - poinsettia
la comida del día de Navidad - Christmas dinner
un tarjeta de Navidad, un crismas - a Christmas card
el espumillón - tinsel
la misa del gallo - Midnight mass (literally "mass of the rooster".  It is called this because it is said that the only time a rooster crowed at midnight was on the day that Jesus was born.)
nacimiento - nativity scene
un villancico - Christmas carol
adorno (árbol de Navidad) - Christmas decoration
Baltasar, Gaspar, Melchor - Balthasar, Gaspar, Mechior (3 wise men/3 kings)
los Reyes Magos - the three kings, three wise men
tomar las uvas - eat grapes
un auto de Navidad - a nativity play
¡Feliz Navidad! - Merry Christmas!
¡Felices Fiestas! - Seasons Greetings!
¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo! - Merry Christmas and a Happy/Prosperous New Year!
¿Qué te regalaron para Navidad? - What did you get for Christmas?
La Navidad está en puertas - Christmas is just around the corner
el espiritu navideño - the Christmas spirit
oro - gold
incienso - frankincence
mirra - myrrh
los pastores - shepherds
los ángeles - angels
un burro - donkey
Papá Noel - Santa Claus (literally "Father Christmas")


un tronco de Navidad - a Christmas yule log
un pastel de Navidad - a Christmas cake
el pavo - turkey (Pavo Trufado de Navidad - Turkey with Truffles - is a common Christmas day meal)
mantecados - traditional christmas sweet made with almonds
polvorones - traditional christmas sweet made with almonds.   They are also known as "Wedding Cookies".
una rosca de Reyes/un roscón de Reyes - a large, round bun baked for the 6th of January with candied fruits.  Inside is hidden prizes such as coins.
Turrón - a typical Spanish nougat sweet eaten at Christmas
mazapán - marzipan

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