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First look at the number 1 above:

It says "Sólo $2.42 por ejemplar".  You might know the word "Sólo", and possibly the word "por", but what about the word "ejemplar".  But even if you don't know the words "Sólo" or "por", perhaps you can figure out everything by thinking of what would be here in English.    The figure $2.42 might give you a clue.  You may notice that there is also the figure $29.00 on the right side.  If you divide $2.42 into $29.00 you get the answer of 12.  National Geographic is a monthly magazine.  Do you think that "Sólo $2.42 por ejemplar" means "Only $2.42 per month"?  That would probably mean that "ejemplar" means "month".  But, do we use that phrase in English when we are talking about magazines.  The first part is probably right "Only $2.42 per ___?, but what of that last word, "ejemplar".   Once you think you have the right answer click on the empty box below and drag your mouse from left to right.






issue or copy

Sólo $2.42 por ejemplar

Only $2.42 per issue (or copy)

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Did you get the correct answer?  Ok, let us look at #2.  This may be a little easy.  You may have little problem translating "National Geographic en Español.  Test yourself below by clicking on the empty box and dragging your mouse from left to right.

National Geographic en Español

National Geographic in Spanish

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You still have the phrase "1 año por $29.00".  You were able to figure out that the $2.42 on the left side referred to a per issue price.  You knew or learned above that the word "por" means "per" in English.  But does it mean the same thing here.  So what would the $29.00 refer to?  And what about the number "1".  What does the word "año" mean?  Have you figured out this phrase.  Does the word "por" mean "per" in this phrase or is there another meaning?  Once again think what might be here in English.   Test yourself below by clicking on the empty box and dragging your mouse from left to right.





1 año por $29.00

1 year for $29.00

So you figured out that a subscription to the Spanish language version of National Geographic cost $2.42 per issue and $29.00 per year.  Now let us continue so you can complete the card and purchase a subscription for you friend.

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