A lot of people around the world have improved their English by watching television and movies.  This is because the movies and television shows in their country have subtitles.  This allows a person to match the words on the screen to the words that the actors and actresses are saying.  Movies and television shows with subtitles are not very common in the United States.   However a number of DVDs allow you to view a movie with Spanish subtitles.   The next time you rent a DVD look to see if it has Spanish subtitles.  Play the movie and write down any new Spanish words or phrases.  The good thing about a DVD is that you can pause the movie.  This allows you to carefully review the words.   Later you can create flashcards and practice these new words and phrases. 

sunbutt2_sm_wht.gif (1352 bytes) In the following pages there will be occasionally some words which are underlined.   These words, which you click on, will display some additional information in a small re-sizable window.  Anytime a verb is conjugated in one of these windows the irregular forms of the verb will be shown in red. The regular form of the verbs will be shown in black.  Sometimes a whole verb is irregular, sometimes only certain forms of the verb are irregular.   If you choose to read this information you will need to close the new window. sunbutt2_sm_wht.gif (1352 bytes)

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"A Christmas Story"

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