A Christmas Story Vocabulary List


When you first opened the page you heard this line from the movie:
"They looked at me as if I had lobsters crawling out of my ears."

or as translated in the movie:
Me miraron como si tuviera langostas en los óidos.

Now you probably won't be able to ever use that phrase.  However, you could easily figure out that langostas means lobsters and los óidos means ears.  This sentence does point out one thing that you have to be careful about.  Sometimes a sentence is not translated exactly from English to Spanish.  This sentence more or less says "They looked at me as if I had lobsters in my ears".  You should remember this when you learn a complete sentence. 

Please move your mouse over the underlined word to see its definition. If you do not see the definition for the underlined word, wait for a moment and it should appear. If the time allowed to read the definition is insufficient, move your mouse over the underlined word again and it will reappear.  If you see an asterisk mark * at the end of a sentence place your mouse on it to learn more about the sentence.

Vamos Ralphie
Come on Ralphie

¡ Es increíble! * 
I don't believe it!

¿Qué es eso?  *
What is that?

Qué bien. *
How nice

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