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The line from the movie you heard this time was:
That is the ugliest lamp I have ever seen in my entire life!

Or as translated in the movie:
¡Es la lámpara más fea que he visto en toda mi vida!

Once again you probably won't be able to ever use that phrase.   But we can at least learn some  vocabulary words and an additional verb tense. La lámpara means "lamp".   Fea is an adjective that means "ugly".   Remember in Spanish you change the ending of adjectives to match the noun.  La lámpara is feminine so you would say fea.  If the noun was masculine you would say feoMás was discussed earlier.  Previously you might only be familiar with the present tense of a verb.  For example, veo means "I see".   This is called the present tense because the action is happening right now.   But the person is saying "I have ever seen", which requires a different tense.  This tense is called the "present perfect" (perfecto) tense.   You create the present perfect tense by joining the present tense of the auxiliary verb haber "to have" with the past participle of the main verb.  Toda means "all".  Vida means "life". 

Here are some more simple phrases.   When there is a name just substitute any name.

¡Es una pierna!
It's a leg!
Pierna means "leg". 


Eschuchen esta oración.
Listen to this sentence.
Eschuchen is the plural command form of the verb escuchar "to listen".  It means "you (plural) listen!" It you want to tell one person to listen you say "eschuche!" Oración is a fancy way of saying "sentence".  It can also mean a "prayer".

Este árbol es muy bonito.
This is a very nice tree.
Árbol means "tree".  Bonito means "nice or pretty".  Because árbol is a masculine noun you say bonito.  If there was a feminine noun you would say bonitaMuy means "very".

¿Quieres un poco de leche?
Would you like some milk?
Quieres is a form of the verb "querer" which means "to want or to desire".   Quieres means "you want".  Un poco means "a little ".  Leche means "milk".  

Take your seat.
Siéntate is the imperative (command) form of sentarse "to sit down".   If you want to tell a group of people to sit down you would say "¡Sentaos!".


Vocabulary Words
árbol = tree
escuchar = to listen
fea = ugly (feminine things)
he visto = I have ever seen
lámpara = lamp
leche = milk
oración = sentence or prayer
pierna = leg
quieres = you want
siéntate = take your seat or sit down
toda = all
vida = life

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