The Alphabet - El Alfabeto

The Vowels - LAS VOCALES
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(ah) "Ana" (ay) as in "day" (ee) "Inés" (oh) "Oso" (ooh) "Uvas"

"E," when it is at the end of a syllable, is pronounced like the ay in the English word day (as are all the e's in the Spanish words de, e-le-fan-te, and bue-no); otherwise, it is pronounced like the e in the English word den (as are the e's in the Spanish words sien-to, es-tá, and bien). If in doubt, look up the word in the Spanish side of your dictionary to see how it is divided into syllables. 

  Consonants - Las Consonantes

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(bay) "barco" (k) before "a", "o", "u"
"campo", "copa", "cuna"
(th) before "e", "i"
"cinco", "cena"
"chocolate" (they) "dedo"
f_md_wht.gif (2151 bytes) g_md_wht.gif (3295 bytes) h_md_wht.gif (2550 bytes) j_md_wht.gif (2625 bytes)
(effay) "flor" (g) before "a", "o", "u"
"gato", "goma", "gusano"
(h) before "e", "i"
(achay) "helado"
The letter "h" is not pronounced
(hotah) "Jose"
k_md_wht.gif (3293 bytes) l_md_wht.gif (1941 bytes) Ll m_md_wht.gif (3585 bytes)
(ka) "kilo" (el) "lápiz" (aj) "pollo" (ehmay) "mono"
n_md_wht.gif (2873 bytes) Ñ p_md_wht.gif (2838 bytes) q_md_wht.gif (3458 bytes)
(ennay) "nata" (enyay) "niño" (pay) "pato" (cu) "qué"
r_md_wht.gif (3209 bytes) RR s_md_wht.gif (2295 bytes) t_md_wht.gif (1813 bytes)
(erray) "rosa", "caro" (erray doble) "carro" (essay) "seta" (tay) "Tia"
v_md_wht.gif (2937 bytes) w_md_wht.gif (3588 bytes) x_md_wht.gif (2953 bytes) y_md_wht.gif (2802 bytes)
(ubay) "vino"
(sounds like "b")
(ubay doblay) (ehkees) (ee gre-ay gah)
(sounds like "y", "e")
z_md_wht.gif (2887 bytes)
(thehtah) "zapatos"