1. Students will learn to say the colors in Spanish.
2. Students will recognize oral and written colors in Spanish.
3. Students will write the colors in Spanish.

1. Students will answer orally to questions (oral skill).
2. Students will match colors and names (reading skill).
3. Students will color objects according to what they hear (listening skill).
4. Students will write the names of the rainbow (written skill).

1. The colors (see the vocabulary page)
2. What color is this? - "¿De qué es esto?
3. It is ___ - "Es ___"
4. What is your favorite color - "¿Cuál es tu color favorito?"
5. My favorite color is_____. - "Mi color favorito es ___."

Suggested Activities:
1. The teacher will use flashcards to present the new vocabulary
2. Color bingo
3. Matching cards (name and color) (game in pairs).
4. Create a poster will different colors and names.
5. Students will choose a color card when the teacher asks for it.
6. Worksheet on colors: watching words and colors.
    - sound words   
    - coloring objects
7. The teacher will say a color which is in the class and students will find it.
8. Students will name objects with a color chosen.
9. Students will color a rainbow and cut it.
10. Song "El Arco Iris".  Students will show little cards of different colors as they hear it from the song.
  - students will dance and sing the song.
11. Memory game: The students choose a number and a letter and have to decide if the color matches with the word        written.