Prince Felipe is related to a lot of famous people.  If you are related to any of these people then you are also related to Prince Felipe (and the Royal Family of Spain). 
King Constantine II of Greece - Uncle
King Harold V of Norway - 3rd Cousins, once removed
King Albert II of Belgium - 3rd Cousins, once removed
Queen Elizabeth II Great Britain - 3rd Cousins, once removed
King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden - 3rd Cousins, twice removed
Grand Duke Jean I of Luxembourg - 4th Cousins, twice removed
Prince Rainier III of Monaco - 10th cousins, once removed
Catherine Oxenburg (TV & Movie Star) - 3rd Cousins
Cary Elwes (Movie Star) - 16th Cousins
Audrey Hepburn (Movie Star) - 17th Cousins, twice removed
Humphrey Bogart (Movie Star) - 18th Cousins, twice removed
Olivia de Havilland (Movie Star) - 19th Cousins, twice removed
Brooke Shields (TV & Movie Star) - 22nd Cousins, once removed
Ralph & Joseph Fiennes (Movie Stars) - 21st Cousins, once removed


George Washington - 12th Cousins, 9 times removed
Calvin Coolidge - 21st Cousins
George Bush - 21st Cousins, once removed
Sarah Ferguson
(former Duchess of York)
- 10th Cousins, twice removed
Manfred von Richtofen,
"The Red Baron"
- 10th Cousins, 6 times removed
Sophie Rhys-Jones
(Married to Prince Edward of England)
- 16th Cousins
Naopleon Bonaparte - 16th Cousins, 9 times removed
William the Conquerer - 25th Great-Grandfather
Charlemagne - 33th Great-Grandfather

Note: The phrase "once removed", "twice removed", "6 times remove" and even "9 times removed" is used above.  It refers to individuals who are not direct cousins.  For example you may have a first cousin.  This would be the child of your aunt or uncle.  If your first cousin has child and you have a child these children would be second cousins.  But you would be a first cousin, once removed to the child of your first cousin and they would be first cousin, once removed to you.  It sounds a little confusing, but it really is not.   Usually the amount of times someone is said to be removed from another cousin equates to a generation.  A generation is usually about 20 years, but of course can be longer or shorter.  The length of a generation is getting longer because now people are marrying and having children at a later age.   Also because people have children at different ages Prince Felipe is actually a direct 21st cousin to Calvin Coolidge (although he was born 96 years before Prince Felipe), but a 22nd Cousin once removed to Brooke Shields who is only 3 years older than him.

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