Animal Sounds

Everyone knows that the sound that a dog makes is "woof" and a cat goes "meow".  That is everyone who speaks English, but this is not the case for a person from Spain.  This is how they express the sound different animals make:


- buzz





- who, hoo



uu uu


- hee haw


- iii-aah


- neigh, neigh, n-a-a-a-y caballo - hiiiii, iiiiou
goat - b-a-a-a cabra - bee bee
crow - caw cuervo - cruaaac-cruaaac
hen - cluck gallina - coc co co coc
rooster - cock-a-doodle-doo gallo - kikirikí, ki-kiri-ki
lion - roar, growl león - grrrr, grgrgr
tiger - roar, growl tigre - ggggrrrr, grgrgr
dog - bark, bow-wow, arf, ruff perro - guau guau, guau
frog - ribbit, croak rana - cruá cruá, berp, croac (croar)
cow - moo vaca - mu, muuu
cat - meow gato - miau
duck - quack quack pato - cuá cuá
chick - peep peep pollito - pío pío

This is just not the case with people from Spain.  Ask a person from China the sound a dog makes and they will say "wang wang".  Ask a person from Iceland what sound a chicken makes and they will say "gaggalagó".  If you want to find out more about about this interesting subject visit Catherine Ball's website, Sounds of the World's Animals.

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