Sports Names Matching #2

Sports Names

Match the Spanish name to the correct English translation.   After you think you have correctly made all of your choices, click on the "Correction" button.  Any incorrect answers will disappear.  Correct answers will remain.  Be sure to use lower case letters.  (Also just type the letter not the period following the letter.)

1. el baloncesta
2. la navación
3. la vela
4. el balón volea
5. el ciclismo
6. el fútbol
7. el juego de bolos
8. el hockey sobre hielo
9. el béisbol
10. el patinaje
11. el hockey sobre hierba


a. field hockey
b. soccer
c. basketball
d. bowling
e. baseball
f. cycling
g. ice hockey
h. swimming
i. volleyball
j. skating
k. sailing