CARLOS V (1500 - 1558)

Carlos was born in Ghent, Belgium February 24, 1500.  His mother was the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella.  Her name was Juana la Loca "Joanne the Crazy".   His father was Felipe el Hermoso (Philip the Handsome).

Juana "La Loca"
Mother of Carlos
Felipe "El Hermoso"
Father of Carlos

His mother's parents were King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.  They were the rulers who gave Christopher Columbus the money he used to discover America.  His father's parents were the Emperor Maximilan I and Mary of Burgandy.

From his father's side of the family Carlos inherited Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

From his mother's side of the family he inherited Spain, Naples, Sicily, and Milan (all in Italy) and all of the discovered land in America.

He inherited the greatest empire that existed at the time.

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