CARLOS V (1500 - 1558)

Carlos prepares to abdicate (give up)
 his throne

By 1554, Carlos was now 54 years old.  He had spent almost 38 years trying to unify Europe but he was not as successful as he would have liked to have been.   During his rule he had increased the Spanish empire, particularly in America with the addition of Mexico and Peru.  However France was still at war with him, and the Protestant religions were spreading throughout Europe.  He was very tired and decided to abdicate (give up his throne).

In 1555 Carlos turned over the throne of Spain and the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and all of America to his son Felipe.  In 1556 he gave his brother Ferdinand control of Austria and Germany.

Monastery of Yuste

In February 1557 he entered the monastery of Yuste, which is in Caceres, Extremadura near the border of Portugal to spend the last years of his life.

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