This game plays very similar to the one on television. 

- You have to first correct guess a missing consonant

- If you have at least 250 points you are then allowed to purchase a vowel

- If you think you can solve the puzzle you need to type in your answer

- If you are correct you get to keep your points and can play another game

To play you need to choose one, two or three players.  Whoever is player #1 must click the "spin the wheel" button () one time to set the power, indicated by a red bar and then one more time to determine your potential prize.

Once you have landed on a space that has a value other than "lose a turn"
 (), "bankrupt" () or "free spin" () you will permitted to guess.  You will continue as long as you keep guessing correctly or until you have used up any accumulated "free spins".

Now Lets' Play "Wheel Of The Fortunate"