It's Magically Delicious

Lucky Charms cereal was invented in 1963.  Since then there has been a lot of changes to the cereal with the shapes and colors changing, being dropped entirely or being dropped and then returning.  The only shape to have been in the cereal since 1963 is the heart.

And while we always think of the Leprechaun as being the symbol for Lucky Charms they actually once had a Wizard (Mago) on their box.  You might wish to take a short quiz and see how many of the different colors you can match to the marshmallow shapes.  (The way to say "marshmallow" in Spanish is "caramelo de azúcar y gelatina" which more or less means, "candy of sugar and gelatin".  Marshmallow sounds a little bit more appetizing.)

To help you before you take the quiz you may want to take a few minutes to study the box on the next page. 

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Note:  This is not intended to be an endorsement of Lucky Charms®.  If you decide to eat Lucky Charms®, as with any other breakfast cereal, you should only do so occasionally and as part of a balanced breakfast.