Writing the Year in Spanish

Writing and saying a specific year in Spanish is different than in English.  For example the year 1986 in English is spoken "nineteen eighty-six".  In Spanish you would say "mill novecientos ochenta y seis" or literally "one thousand nine hundreds eighty and six."  You should already know how to count from 1 to 100.  But you will have to learn the following to write a date in Spanish from the year 1400 to present.

400 = cuatrocientos
500 = quinientos
600 = seiscientos
700 = setecientos
800 = ochocientos
900 = novecientos
1000 = mil

Unfortunately it is not as easy in English.  400, 600, 800 are actually just a simple combination of the number (cuarto = 4, seis = 6, and ocho = 8, and the plural of the word for one hundred (ciento) which is cientos.)  You are not saying four hundred, but rather four hundreds.

Not so with the odd numbers such as five (cinco), seven (siete) and nine (nueve).  Unfortunately you have to learn these.

By the way in order to write any year a year in the 21st century you need to say "two thousands" or "dos mil".  The word for year in Spanish is "aņo" So to say "the year 2002" you would say "el aņo dos mil dos". 

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