4 New Games

Fling the Teacher In this game you have to build a catapult.  In order to build the catapult you have to get 15 questions correct in a row.  Each correct question gives you a piece of the catapult.  You have three helps in the game.  You can ask the "genius" who usually gives the correct answer.  You can have two incorrect answers eliminated.  You can ask for a poll to see which is the most popular answer. 
Grade or No Grade In this game you chose from among 10 boxes.  In one of the boxes there is an "A+" grade.  The other boxes have lesser grades down to the lowest grade "X".  The first correct question allows you to pick a box.  After that each question allows you to eliminate a box.  When you open a box, the game will try to get you to trade your box for the grade they are offering to you.  The offers change depending on the grades that are in the unopened boxes.  You can quit at any time and take the offer, however, any wrong answer means you have to start again.
Hoop Shoot There are 10 questions.  After each correct answer you are given an opportunity to make a "3 point" basket.  Can you answer 10 questions correctly and also make 10 "three pointers"?
Match Game You have to match 6 items correctly.  However you only have 30 seconds to do so.  Can you beat the game before the sand rounds out of the hour glass?