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Su Alteza Real el Príncipe de Asturias
(His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias)

(Her Royal Higness the Princess of Asturias)

Prince Felipe is the 3rd child of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophía.  He was born on January 30, 1968.  His full name is Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Grecia. He is royal title is Prince of  Asturias.  He is also Prince of Girona and Prince of Viana.  On January 30, 1986, he became 18 years old and took an oath of allegiance to the Constitution and the King. Under Spanish law he is the next in line to become King of Spain.  Like his father he spent time at the military academies of the Army, Navy and Air Force.  Also like his father he became a military pilot.  In 1993 the Prince received a bachelor's degree from the University of Madrid. 

In 1995 he received a Master's degree from Georgetown University.  The Prince is very tall, 6'5".  He was a member of the Spanish Olympic Sailing team in 1992.  His other interests include skiing and motocross.  One May 22, 2004, the Prince married, Letizia Ortiz, who used to be a newscaster.  Although she is not royalty, this was still considered to be Spain's first Royal wedding in almost 100 years. Letizia is now called Princess of Asturia. (The Prince's sisters married before him, but since neither of their husband's could become King they were not considered Royal weddings.)  The Prince has many relatives.  You might be one of his relatives.   (Click here to see)

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