Queen Isabella I

Isabella and Ferdinand had 5 children, four girls and 1 boy.  They were Isabella, John, Joan, Maria and Catherine.   Isabella not only made sure that the girls were well educated (which was unusual for that time), but also that they knew how to do such things as sewing.  The children actually made most of their father's clothing.  She herself would often mend her husband's and children's clothing.  Unfortunately she was not able to enjoy much happiness with her children.  Her son died in 1497.  Her daughter, Isabella became Queen of Portugal, but she died in 1498 while giving birth.  Her son (Isabella's grandson), Miguel died when he was three.  Catherine married King Henry VIII of England, but he divorced her when she was unable to produce a male heir.  Joan, who was to inherit the throne became crazy. 

Although she co-ruled with her husband, it was actually her that was the better ruler.  Her husband did bring to their marriage the Kingdom of Aragon which enabled them to unite Spain.   If the two Kingdoms remained separate it would have been doubtful that Spain could have achieved it greatness.  But just uniting Spain did not enable it to become this great power.  It needed a ruler such as Isabella who had the skill to guide and to make Spain a great country. 

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