Queen Isabella I

Her father died when she was three and her older brother became King Henry IV.  The Spanish nobles had become very powerful during the reign of John II.  They did not wish to have Henry as their king.   They felt that he was not very smart and would not be a good leader.    They hoped to make Isabella's other brother, Alfonso, their king, but he died on July 5, 1468.  Some people thought that he might have been poisoned to prevent him from being made king.  The nobles then approached Isabella who by now was 17.   She refused the throne saying that she would never become queen while her brother was alive.  Although he had a daughter, King Henry declared Isabella to be the heir to the throne when he died.  It is thought that he did this to make peace with the nobles who had wanted Isabella to be made queen.  They knew that she would be the next ruler of Spain and King Henry knew that he could continue to rule.  But soon Isabella would be at odds with her brother over her impending arranged marriage.

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