Queen Isabella I

A portion of Spain was still under control of the Arabs (Moors).  This was the area of Granada.  By January 1, 1492, Granada was under their control.  In contrast to the way that they had treated their Jewish citizens, they treated the Moors quite well.  In the Treaty of Granada they allowed them to freely practice their religion and even be exempt from taxation for a number of years.

Now that the problem of Granada was solved they began to listen to Columbus and his plans to find a new route to India.  A route not by sailing east around Africa, but rather west across unknown waters.  They also decided that it would not cost too much money to pay for the trip and the rewards might be quite grand.  The person who was in charge of the Royal Treasury said the cost of the trip (3 ships and crew) would be about what is cost them to entertain a visiting noble for one week. 

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