In this exercise you will read about the houses of Cristina and Enrique.

Cristina Enrique

You will have five minutes to read the story.  You should try to draw a picture of each house and the rooms based on what you read.  You may want to label the rooms and also include items that may be in the room, whose room it is, or a note about the size of a room (is it small or large). After you read the story you can take a short quiz on what you read. The story will automatically go to the quiz after five minutes.  If you finish early you can also go directly to the quiz.  (The automatic re-direct function may not work on all computers.  As such when you are ready you may have to click the link to advance to the quiz.)

If you do not understand a word, click on it and a definition will appear in a new window.  The window will automatically close in 10 seconds.  (The automatic close function may not work in all computers.  As such you may have to manual close the window.)

Read the Story