Ser - Quiz

Choose one answer for each of the pull-down menus.
Do not check your quiz until you have chosen all the answers.
Wrong answers will be indicated with a check mark
 in the left check box.  Use the pictures as clues to the answer.
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1.  dentista.
           I am a dentist.

2.   profesoras.
           We are professors.

3. ¿  abogados.
            They are lawyers.         

4. ¿ piloto. 
           You are a pilot. (informal)

5. ¿ policía.
         She is a policewoman.

6. ¿ cocineros.
           We are bakers.

7. ¿ científicas.
           They are scientists.

8.¿ jardinera.
          You are a gardener. (formal)

9. ¿ mecánicos.
           You are mechanics.

10.¿   cartero.
            He is a mailman.

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