Referring to Future Plans

Now that you know how to conjugate the verb "Ir" (to go) you can use it in the present tense to express a future idea.  This is very convenient for you because it means you do not have to learn the future tense of the verb.

For example you could say "Tonight we are going to the school" - "Esta noche vamos a la escuela."  You can even use the present tense of "ir" to construct a more complex sentence using a very simply using the present tense of "ir" followed by the preposition "a" and an unconjugated verb (called an infinitive).  For example to ask the question "Where are we going to eat tonight? You would say "¿Adónde vamos a comer esta noche?"  Comer is the verb meaning "to eat".

How do you think then you would say "Where are we going to go tonight?"

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What about using the verb "volver", which means "to return".  How would you say "When are you (singular) going to return?

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Of course you can also make statements. Now that you know "volver" means "to return", how do you think you would answer and say "I am going to return on Saturday."  (Saturday =  el sábado)

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