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a bordo

on board

a caballo

on horseback

a cada instante

at every moment, at every turn

a casa

home (going to)

a causa de ... because of ...
a ciegas blindly
además de in addition to, besides

a eso de

about, around

a fin de que in order that, so that

a fines de

about the end of, around the end of

a la derecha

to (on, at) the right

a la española

in the Spanish style

a la izquierda

to (on, at) the left

a la larga

in the long run

a la madrugada

at an early hour, at daybreak

a la semana

a week, per week

a la vez

at the same time

a lo largo de


a lo lejos

in the distance

a lo mejor probably

a lo menos

at least

a mano

by hand

a mediados de

around the middle of

a menudo

often, frequently

a mi parecer

in my opinion

a pesar de

in spite of

a pie

on foot

a pierna suelta at one's ease, without a care

a poco

in a short while, presently

a poco de a short while after ...

a principios de

around the beginning of

a saltos

by leaps and bounds

a tiempo

on time

a todo

at most

a todo correr

at full speed

a través de

across, through

a veces

sometimes, at times

abusar de to abuse, overindulge in
acabar con to put an end to, to finish off

acerca de

about, concerning

acercarse a to approach
acostumbrarse de to become accustomed to
acordarse de to remember, recall
aficionarse a to become fond of

ahora mismo

right now

airededor de


al aire libre

outdoors, in the open air

al amanecer

at daybreak, at dawn

al cabo


al cabo de

at the end of

al contrario

on the contrary

al día

current, up to date

al día siguente

on the following day, on the next day

al fin

at last, finally

al lado de

next to, beside

al menos

at least

al mes

a month, per month

al mismo tiempo

at the same time

al parecer


al por mayor


al por menor


al principio

at first

al pronto

at first

al romper el día

at daybreak

alegrarse de to be happy about

algún día


alguna vez


algunas veces


allá mismo

right there

alrededor de la casa

around the house

ante todo

first of all, in the first place

antes de


aparte de

aside from

aprender a to learn how to

aquí mismo

right here

así mismo

the same, the same thing

así que so that

así y todo

in spite of everything

ayer por la mañana

yesterday morning

ayer por la noche

yesterday evening

ayer por la tarde

yesterday afternoon

bilete de ida y vuelta

round-trip ticket

burlarse de to make fun of

cada vez

each time

cada vez más

more and more (each time)

cambiar de to change (clothes, planes, subjects, etc.)
cansarse de to get tired of
carecer de to lack
casarse con to marry

cerca de

near, close to

comenzar a to begin to
como si as if
compadecerse de to feel sorry for, to pity
complacerse en to be please to, to delight in
conformarse con to put up with

con frecuencia


con los brazos abiertos

with open arms

con motivo de

on the occasion of

con mucho gusto

gladly, with much pleasure

con permiso

excuse me, with your permission

con rumbo a

in the direction of

con tal que provided that
confiar en to trust (in), rely on
consentir en to consent to
consistir en to consist of
constar de to consist of
contar con to count on
contentarse con to be satisfied with
convenir en to agree to

Creo que no.

I don't think so.  I think not.

Creo que sí.

I think so.

cuanto antes

as soon as possible

cuanto más ... tanto más ...

the more ... the more ...

cuidar de to care for, to take care of
cumplir con to fulfill

dar a

to face

dar con algo

to find something

dar con alguien

to meet someone, find someone

dar contra

to hit against

dar de beber a

to give something to drink

dar de comer a

to feed

dar en

to strike against

dar la bienvenida

to welcome

dar la hora

to strike the hour

dar la mano a alguien

to shake hands with someone

dar los buenos días a alguien

to say good morning  to someone

dar recuerdos a

to give one's regards

dar un abrazo

to embrace

dar un paseo

to take a walk

dar un paseo a caballo

to go horseback riding

dar un paseo en bicicleta

to ride a bicycle

dar un paseo en coche

to go for a drive

dar una vuelta

to go for a short walk

dar unas palmadas

to clap one's hands

dar voces

to shout

darse cuenta de

to realize, to be aware of

darse la mano

to shake hands with each other

darse prisa

to hurry

de abajo

down, below

de acuerdo

in agreement, in accord

de aquí en adelante

from now on

de arriba


de ayer en ocho días

a week from yesterday

de balde


de broma


de buena gana


de cuando en cuando

from time to time

de día

by day, in the daytime

de día en día

day by day, from day to day

de esa manera

in that way

de ese modo

in that way

de esta manera

in this way

de este modo

in this way

de hoy en adelante

from today on, from now on

de hoy en ocho días

a week from today

de la mañana

in the morning (with a specific time)

de la mañana

in the morning (a specific time)

de la noche

in the evening (with a specific time)

de la tarde

in the afternoon (with a specific time)

de madrugada

at dawn

de mal humor

in a bad mood

de mala gana


de memoria

by heart (memorized)

de moda

in fashion

de nada

you're welcome (it was nothing)

de ningún modo

no way, by no means

de ninguna manera

no way, by no means

de noche

by night, at night, during the night

de nuevo


de otra manera

in another way

de otro modo


de pie


de prisa

in a hurry

de pronto


de repente

all of a sudden

de rodillas


de todos modos

anyway, in any case

de uno en uno

one by one

de veras

really, truly

de vez en cuando

from time to time

Debe de ser ...

It is probably ...

Debe ser ...

It ought to be ...

decirle al oído

to whisper in one's ears

dentro de poco

in a short while, in a little while

depender de to depend of

desde luego

naturally, of course, immediately

desde que since
despedirse de to say goodbye to

día por día

day by day

dicho y hecho

no sooner said than done

disfrutar de to enjoy
disponerse a to get ready to

dos veces

twice, two times

echar al correo

to mail, to post a letter

el año que viene

next year

el mismo de siempre

the same old thing

empezar a to begin to
empeñarse en to insist on
en alto up, high (up)
en balde in vain

en bicicleta

by bicycle

en broma

jokenly, in fun

en cambio

on the other hand

en casa

at home

en casa de

in the house of

en caso de

in case of

en coche

by car

en cuanto

as soon as

en cuanto a

as for, with regard to, in regard to

en efecto

as a matter of fact, in fact

en este momento

at this moment

en esto at this point

en lo alto de

on top of it, at the top of, up

en lugar de

in place of, instead of

en medio de

in the middle of

en ninguna parte


en pocos días

in a few days

en punto

sharp, exactly (when telling time)

en seguida


en suma in short

en todas partes


en todo y por todo

in each and every way

en torno de around, about

en un todo

in all its parts

en vano

in vain

en vez de

instead of

en vilo in the air, undecided

en voz alta

in a loud voice

en voz bajo

in a low voice

enamorarse de to fall in love with
entenderse con to come to an understanding with
enterarse de to find out about
entrar en to enter

Es de mi agrado

It is to my liking.

Es decir ...

That is to say

Es lástima

It is too bad.

Es que ...

The fact is ...

esforzarse en to try hard to, to strive

eso mismo

that very thing

está bien

all right, okay

estar a punto de

to be about to

estar al día

to be up to date

estar conforme con

to be in agreement with

estar de acuerdo

to agree

estar de acuerdo con

to be in agreement with

estar de boga

to be in fashion, to be fashionable

estar de buenas

to be in a good mood

estar de pie

to be standing

estar de vuelta

to be back

estar para ... to be about to ...

estar por

to be in favor of

fiarse de to trust
fijarse en to notice

frente a

in front of

fuera de outside of
gozar de to enjoy

ha habido ...

there has been ..., there have been ...

haber de to be supposed to

había ...

there was ..., there were ...

habrá ...

there will be ...

habría ...

there would be ...

hace poco

a little while ago

hace un año

a year ago

hace un mes

a month ago

hace una hora

an hour ago

hacer daño a alguien

to harm someone

hacer el baúl

to pack one's trunk

hacer el papel de

to play the role of

hacer falta

to be wanting, lacking, needed

hacer la maleta

to pack one's suitcase

hacer pedazos

to smash, to break, to tear into pieces

hacer un viaje

to take a trip

hacer una broma

to play a joke

hacer una pregunta

to ask a question

hacer una vista

to pay a visit

hacerle falta

to need


to become

hacerse daño

to hurt oneself, to harm oneself

hacerse tarde

to be getting late

hasta ahora

until now

hasta aquí

until now, up to here

hasta después

see you later, until later

hasta entonces

see you then, see you later

hasta la vista

see you again

hasta luego

see you later, until later

hasta mañana

see you tomorrow, until tomorrow

¡Hazlo ya!

Do it now!

hoy día


hoy mismo

this very day

hubo ...

there was ..., there were...

insistir en to insist on

ir a todo correr

to run by leaps and bounds

ir de compras

to go shopping

invitar a to invite to
jugar a to play (sports, cards, etc.)

junto a

besides, next to

la semana que viene

next week

las más veces most of the time

lo bueno

what is good, the good part

lo escrito

what is written

lo malo

what is bad, the bad part

lo más pronto posible

as soon as possible

lo mejor

what is best, the best part

lo mismo

the same, the same thing

lo mismo da

it makes no difference

lo mismo de siempre

the same old story

lo mismo que

the same as, as well as

lo primero que debo decir

the first thing I must say

lo simpático

whatever is kind

luego luego

right away

luego que

as soon as, after

mañana por la mañana

tomorrow morning

mañana por la noche

tomorrow night, tomorrow evening

mañana por la tarde

tomorrow afternoon

meterse con to pick a quarrel with
meterse en to get into, to plunge into

muchas veces

many times

negarse a to refuse to

No es verdad.

It isn't so.  It isn't true.

no estar para bromas

not to be in the mood for jokes

no hay de qué

you're welcome

No hay de qué.

You are welcome

No hay remedio.

It cannot be help.  There's no way.

No importa.

It does not matter.

no ser para tonto not to be so important

no ya ... sino

not only ... but also

oler a to smell like
olvidarse de to forget

otra vez

again, another time, once more

para con

to, towards

para eso

for that matter

para mí

for my part

para que

in order that, so that

para ser

in spite of being

para siempre


parecerse a to look like
pensar en to think about (consider)

poco a poco

little by little

poco antes

shortly before

poco después

shortly after

por ahora

for just now, for the present

por aquí

this way, around here

por avión

by airmail

por consiguiente


por de pronto

for the time being

por desgracia


por día

by the day, per day

por el contrario

on the contrary

por el pronto

in the meantime, for the time being

por escrito

in writing

por eso

for that reason, therefore

por favor


por fin

at last, finally

por hora

by the hour, per hour

por la mañana

in the morning (no specific time)

por la mañana temprano

early in the morning

por la noche

in the evening

por la noche temprano

early in the evening

por la tarde

in the afternoon

por lo común

commonly, generally, usually

por lo contrario

on the contrary

por lo general

generally, usually

por lo menos

at least

por lo mismo

for the same reason

por lo pronto

in the meantime, for the time being

por lo tanto

consequently, therefore

por lo visto


por mi parte

as for me, as far as I am concerned

por poco

nearly, almost

por semana

by the week, per week

por supuesto

of course

por teléfono

by phone

por todas partes


por todo


preocuparse de to worry about
prepararse a to prepare to

pro ejemplo

for example

¡Pues ya!

Of course! Certainly!

¡Qué barbaridad! How awful!

¡Qué la vaya bien!

Good luck!

¡Qué lastima!

What a pity!

¡Qué lo pase usted bien!

Good luck!

quedar en to agree on
quejarse de to complain about

querer decir

to mean

quince días

two weeks

raras veces

few times, rarely

reírse de to laugh at
resolverse a to make up one's mind to
saber a to taste of

sano y salvo

safe and sound

sea lo que sea

whatever it may be

ser aficionado a

to be a fan of

ser amable con

to be kind to

ser amable con

to be kind to

ser todo óidos

to be all ears

servir de to serve as, to be used as

si ya ...

if only ...

sin aliento

out of breath

sin cuidado


sin duda

without a doubt, undoubtedly

sin ejemplo

nothing like it, unparralleled

sin falta

without fail

sin novedad

nothing new, same as usual

sobre todo

above all, especially

sonar a to sound like
soñar con to dream of (about)
subir a to get into (vehicle)
tal vez perhaps
tardar en to delay in, to be late in

tal vez


tan pronto como

as soon as

tener algo que hacer

to have something to do

tener calor

to feel (to be) warm

tener cuidado

to be careful

tener dolor de cabeza

to have a headache

tener dolor de estómago

to have a stomache ache

tener frío

to feel (to be) cold

tener hambre

to feel (to be) hungry

tener la bondad de

please be good enough to

tener la culpa de algo

to take the blame for something

tener lugar

to take place

tener miedo de

to be afraid of

tener mucha sed

to feel (to be) very thirsty

tener mucho calor

to feel (to be) very warm

tener mucho frío

to feel (to be) very cold

tener mucho que hacer

to have little to do

tener prisa

to be in a hurry

tener sed

to feel (to be) thirsty

tener sueño

to feel (to be) sleepy

tener suerte

to be lucky

toda la familia

the whole family

todas las noches

every night

todas las semanas

every week

todavía no

not yet

todo el mundo


todos cuantos

all those that

todos los años

every year

todos los días

every day

tratar de to try to
tratarse de to deal with, to be a question of
tropezar con to run into (collide)

un bilette de ida y vuelta

round-trip ticket

un día de éstos

one of these days

un poco

nearly, almost

un poco de

a little (of)

un poco de

a little (of)

un poco de azúcar

a little sugar

un vez más

once more, one more time

una vez once

unas veces


uno a uno

one by one

varias veces

several times

¡Vaya (un) día! What a day!
¡Vaya una cosa! What are you saying!

y eso que

even though

y por si eso fuera poco ...

and as if that were not enough ...

¿Y bien?

And then?  So what?

¡Ya lo creo!

I should certainly think so!, Of course!

¡Ya se ve!

Yes, indeed!

¡Ya voy!

I am coming!

ya no

no longer

ya que

since, as long as, seeing that ...