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The line from the movie you heard this time was:
You're lucky it didn't cut your eye.  Those icicles have been known to kill people.

Or as translated in the movie:
Suerte que no te cortó el ojo.

Han matado a gente.

Once again you probably won't be able to ever use either of those phrases.   But we can at least learn some  vocabulary words and some grammar. Suerte means "luck". ¡buena suerte! means "good luck!"  ¡Mala suerte! means "bad luck".  Cortó is the preterite tense of cortar which is the verb that means "to cut". The preterite tense of a verb is used to express a completed action that took place in the past.  Que means "that".  "Que no" means "that didn't". Te is a pronoun that means "you". El ojo means "the eye".  Matado is a form of the verb mata which means "to kill".  Han matado means "they have killed".  Gente means "people".   Notice that they don't translate the word "icicle" which in Spanish is carámbano, because it was used in an earlier sentence.   They also don't say "have been known", just "They have killed people".

Here are some more simple phrases.   When there is a name just substitute any name.

¡Ten ciudado!
Take care!
Ten is the imperative form of tener which means "to have".  It means "you have!".   Cuidado  means "care".  If you want to tell a group of people to "take care!" you would say ¡tened cuidado!


Un poquito más.
A little more.
Poquito means " a little bit". There is even a smaller term poquitín which means "a tiny bit".   They are both forms of poco which means "little".  There is another adjective that means "little" and that is pequeño.  Poco (and its forms) mean little in quanityPequeño means little in sizeMás means "more".

¿Mi amor?
Mi means "my".  Amor means "love".   

¡Pura poesía!
Sheer poetry!
Pura is an adjective that means "sheer or pure".   Poesía means "poetry". 

Sube al auto.
Get in the car.
Sube is the imperative (command) form of the verb subir.   One of the means of subir is "to get into or get on" when referring to vehicles. Al is the shortening of the Spanish words a and el.  Auto means "car".  Another word for "car" is automovíl.  But just like in English in Spanish it is easier  and quite common to use the shorter word.


Vocabulary Words
amor = love (noun)
auto = car
ciudado = care
el ojo = eye
poesía = poetry
poquito = a little bit
poquitín = a tiny bit
pura = sheer or pure
suerte = luck

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