CHARLES V (1500 - 1558)

Mary, Queen of Scots

Carlos made one more attempt to regain control over Europe and once again he chose marriage to do so.  He had no plans to remarry, but his Felipe, his eldest son's wife had previously died, so he decided that Felipe should remarry.  He chose for his son's bride, Mary, Queen of Scots.  She was the daughter of Henry VIII, who had at one time had been married to Carlos' aunt.

Felipe and Mary were married in July 1554.  The English Parliament did not like Mary so they refused to make Felipe the king. (He did end up being made King later and ruled with Mary for several years.)  Carlos' last attempt had failed.

He was now 54 years old.  He had been King of Spain for almost 38 years.  He had tried to do what he thought was best for Spain and the Catholic church, but now all his plans for a united Europe seemed to be coming apart.

He decided it was not time to step down as King.

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