CHARLES V (1500 - 1558)

Carlos V at age 46

In 1546 Carlos prepared for war against the Protestant princes of Germany.  There was a new Pope, Paul III and he gave Carlos the money to fight.  In August 1547 he defeated the German princes.  He allowed the people to still follow the Protestant religion, but with some minor changes.  He hoped that eventually the Protestant followers would return to the Catholic church.

In France there was a new King, Henry II.  He entered into an agreement with some of the German princes.  In January 1552 one of the German princes, tried to capture Carlos, but he barely escaped.  Carlos attempted to defeat the German princes, but he was unsuccessful.  He was then made to sign an agreement that the Protestant religion would have equal rights with the Catholic Church.  It looked as if Carlos plan to have all of Europe Catholic was failing.

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