CHARLES V (1500 - 1558)

Carlos V

What of Carlos's most famous quote?

"Con mi caballo hablo en alemán, con las damas de la corte, en italiano; los asuntos de hombres los trato en frances, pero para hablar con Dios, uso solo el español"

Horses represented commerce, and commerce was controlled by the Germans and the Dutch. So to his horse "con mi caballo" he talked German.

Italian was considered to be the language of love and poetry so he said that was the language he used to to talk with the ladies of the court "las damas de la corte".

As much as he hated France, French was the language used for diplomacy so that is what he used to talk with France and other countries whenever there were treaties or other agreements to be signed.

However he felt that Spain was the true defender of the Catholic church.  The best religious thinkers (theologians) of the time were Spanish.  Spain was the only country fighting against not only the Protestants, but also the Moslems.  Therefore Spanish could only be the language that he would use when he spoke with God.

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