CHARLES V (1500 - 1558)

1500 Carlos is born on February 24, 1500, in Ghent, Belgium.
1504 On November 26th, Queen Isabella of Spain dies.
1506 Carlos' father, Felipe El Hermoso "Philip the Handsome" dies.
1509 Henry VIII becomes King of England. 
1515 Carlos becomes ruler of the Netherlands, a new King, Francis I assumes the throne in France.
1516 On January 23rd, King Ferdinand of Spain dies.
1517 In September Carlos lands in Spain to become their new King.
1519 Carlos' grandfather, Emperor Maximilian I dies.
1520 In October Carlos becomes Roman Emperor.  Süleyman the Magnificent becomes ruler of Turkey.
1521 Martin Luther is summoned to defend his call for Catholic reform.  Soon new religions would threaten the Catholic church in Europe. Spain begins its first war with France.
1522 Carlos' old religion teacher becomes Pope Adrian VI.  He would die 20 months later.
1526 Carlos captures Francis I and holds him prisoner in Madrid.  Francis I  is later released and returns back to France to plan his next attack.  In this same year, Carlos marries Isabella of Portugal.
1527 On May 8th, Carlos attacks Rome and captures the Pope.  Also this year Carlos's first child, Felipe is born.
1530 Carlos is crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope.
1533 Carlos travels to Hungary to battle Süleyman, but does not decides not to fight.
1536 Carlos sails to Naples, Italy and captures  the city.
1540 Carlos returns to his city of birth Ghent, Belgium to put down a revolt.
1541 Carlos unsuccessfully attempts to capture North Africa.
1547 Carlos defeats the German princes.
1552 Carlos is almost captured by one of the German princes.
1554 In July, Carlos' son, Felipe, marries the Mary, Queen of England.
1555 Carlos turns over control of Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and all of the Americas to his son Felipe.
1556 Carlos turns over control of Austria and Germany to his brother, Ferdinand.
1557 In February, Carlos enters the monastery of Yuste, in Caceres, Spain.
1558 September 21st Carlos dies at age 58.

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