CHARLES V (1500 - 1558)

King Francis I surrenders to Carlos V

Shortly after becoming Pope, Adrian IV, attempted to make a treaty between Charles V and Francis I.   However he was not successful.  Adrian died shortly thereafter only have been Pope for 20 months. Three years later Charles' army defeated Francis' army. Francis was taken prisoner and now Charles was supreme over most of Italy.  During this time Italy was not a unified country as was Spain, England or France.  Rather it was made up of little kingdoms.  However these little kingdoms had treaties with larger rulers such as Charles or Francis.  When Francis was defeated these kingdoms were not powerful enough to wage war against Spain so they instead made treaties with Charles allowing him to in effect rule over them. 

Carlos V visits King Francis I who he thinks is dying

Francis was held prisoner in Madrid. He pretended to be sick so that Carlos would let him go home. In order to gain his freedom he made a treaty with Charles in 1526 called the Treaty of Madrid.  In addition he married Charles' older sister, Eleanor, Queen of Portugal and left his own sons as hostages.  However as soon as he was safely back in France he rejected the terms of the treaty.  It looked like Charles would once again be facing his enemy, Francis.  However to the East an other problem was rising and Charles was not certain that he could handle it.

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