CHARLES V (1500 - 1558)

Süleyman the Magnificent

In 1520, Süleyman the Magnificent became ruler of the Turkish empire.  Süleyman, was perhaps not the equal in strength of army to Charles, but he was certainly as capable of a ruler.  The Europeans called him "the Magnificent", but his own people (the Ottomans) called him Kanuni or "the lawgiver".  Europeans would come to also know him by another name, Süleyman the Conqueror. 

Süleyman knew that Carlos was a potential enemy if for no other reason than Turkey was a Moslem country and Spain was a Catholic country. He also knew that his army was not strong enough to defeat the Spanish army.  He decided that he needed to distract the attention of Carlos.  He knew that the one thing that Carlos feared was Europe would not be Catholic.  So Süleyman sent money to the Protestants to help them spread the word about their religion. 

By 1526 Süleyman and the Turkish army were ready to invade the eastern part of Europe.  Carlos' brother had been made King of Hungary and this was where Süleyman was preparing to attack.

Carlos decided to do two things.  One thing changed his life, the other thing changed the Catholic church.

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