CHARLES V (1500 - 1558)

Isabella wife of Carlos
Carlos and Isabella after marriage Letter Carlos wrote to nobles in Barcelona announcing his marriage

Charles decided to marry in 1526.  For centuries marriages between Kings and Queens were made not because of love, but to gain an ally.  Usually the child of a King would be married to the child of another King or sometimes to a King themselves.  This was the case with Isabella who was the daughter of the King of Portugal.

By marrying the daughter of the King of Portugal, Carlos could now count on Portugal to either help him in his battle with France, or at the very least not attack him while he was fighting France. 

Isabella dead with Carlos at her side

Carlos immediately fell in love with Isabella.  They soon had their first child, Felipe II, and and then two daughters, Marķa and Juana were to follow.  Unfortunately, Carlos and Isabella were only to have 13 years together before Isabella died on May 1, 1539.  Carlos never married again.

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