CHARLES V (1500 - 1558)

Carlos as a young man

The year is now 1527.  Carlos is 27 years old.  He has been King of Spain for almost 10 years and Emperor for almost 7 years.  He has been married for less than one year and his first child in only a few months old.

The Francis I, the King of France, is back at home waiting for his moment to attack.  Carlos knows that he cannot trust Francis.  Francis you will remember had broken his treaty with Carlos.  Carlos knows that Francis so hates him that Francis had left his own children as hostages in Spain so that Carlos would release Francis. 

Süleyman the Magnificent, the ruler of Turkey is beginning to move against Carlos' brother in Hungary.  This would not only be an attack against some of the King's land, but also would mean that a Moslem ruler was attempting to invade Catholic Europe.

Within Europe, church reformers such as Martin Luther were attempting to break away from the Catholic church and start their own religions.

What should Carlos do?  What problem should he handle first?  Should he attack France and defeat their King?  Should he help his brother to fight against Süleyman?  Or should he help the Catholic church with their "battle" against the new religions?

Carlos decided that he would attack France, but also their was one other battle that he must have.  And it was neither against Süleyman nor was it to fight against the Protestant reformers.  Instead he attacked Rome and the Pope.

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