CHARLES V (1500 - 1558)

Carlos V


Carlos now began to prepare to attack Süleyman.  First he need support of some German princes, so he made some minor agreements with them.  In return for helping him attack Süleyman he would let them practice their Protestant religion.

In 1532 Carlos lead a large army to fight Süleyman in outside of Vienna, Austria.  For some reason he hesitated and decided not to fight.  He instead returned to Spain in 1533 and left his brother Ferdinand behind should there be a need for a battle.

Carlos then decided to try to conquer North Africa.  His grandfather, Ferdinand had attempted to do the same thing.  Carlos sailed to Africa, but only had some minor successes.

In 1536 he then sailed to Naples, Italy where he challenged the Francis I to personal combat.  Francis wisely declined so Carlos attacked him, but by May 1538, there was once again peace.

In 1540 Carlos then returned to the city of his birth, Ghent, Belgium to put down a revolt. 

In August 1541 Ferdinand had by now lost the Hungarian capital city to Süleyman and was begging his brother to attack by land.  Carlos decided to once again attack against Süleyman by sea and once again first in North Africa.  However, he was quickly defeated and his ships returned to Spain.

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