Some Other Theories

There are many other theories as to the reason of the Nazca Lines.  Ms. Reiche had her own theory.  Some theories are that the lines are navigation paths.  One theory is that the lines and the figures have to do with marking underground water routes.  Another theory was that the lines marked landing strips for visitors from outer space.  This theory was made famous in the book "Chariots of the Gods".  People have said that this is how the Nazca Indians were able to draw pictures that could have only been able to be seen from the sky. 

But, could the Nazca Indians have flown without going up in a space ship?  In 1975, two individuals attempted to create a balloon using materials and techniques that would have been know to the Nazca Indians.  They knew what material was available because of the people that the Nazca Indians had buried.  Because of the dry climate the clothing that the people were buried in, has survived.  They found that the weave in the cloth was actually tighter than is used in parachutes and balloons today.  From this the created cloth that was of the same cotton and weight and used it to construct a balloon.  Unlike today's balloon which either use helium or a propane gas, this balloon was filled using hot air created by an open fire.  The problem is that once the balloon is aloft, you cannot add anymore hot air.  As such the balloon can only stay in the air for a short period of time.  They determined that the balloon could have flown for a very short-time (about 3 minutes) and to a height of between 400 to 1,000 feet.  However, no one truly believes that the Nazca Indians actually flew a balloon.


Nazca mummies


recreated possible Nazca balloon

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