Recreating the Nazca Lines

The lines and figures are very impressive.  However, were they very difficult to create?  Creating the pyramids or Stonehenge in England was difficult.  In both cases large stones had to be dragged over many miles and then raised great heights.  The Nazca Lines are of great scale and length, but was there a challenge to create them.

Scientists have theorized that it may not have been too difficult.  It would have taken patience and a very little knowledge to keep the lines straight, but not much more than that.  In fact given a large enough number of workers (about 10,000) one scientist figured that all of the lines and figures could have been created in 10 years.

In fact Nazca type lines exist in other parts of the world including in the United States. 

This geoglyph (or intaglio) is located near Bakersfield, California. 
It is estimated to be over 1,000 years old.

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You could, if you wish create your own Nazca Lines or figures using the same techniques that would have been available to the Nazca Indians.  To create the lines and keep them straight, you only need to have a three stakes and a string.  You tie the string between two of the stakes and use the third stake as a guide.  By doing this you can keep on recreating a small straight line which you can then re-create as many time as you wish to get a large straight line.

To draw the figures you first create a smaller drawing.  Let say you draw a picture on a piece of grid paper where each square of the grid is 1 inch by 1 inch.  If you want to re-create your figure, but make is 10 times large, you would refer to the grid paper.  If for example a line goes two grids (or 2 inches) before it curves, you would make a line that was 20 inches before you draw the curve.  How do you make a curve?  You take the two stakes with the string.  Place the third stake in the middle and move the other two stakes until the string now bends around the third stake.  Now use the string as a guide to create the curve. 

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