Prepositions with 'con' (with)

As you build your vocabulary you can create sentences by using prepositions combined with such words as 'con' which means 'with'. For example:

Singular Plural
conmigo - with me con nosotros/as - with us
contigo - with you con vosotros/as - with you
con él - with him con ellos - with them (masculine)
con ella - with her con ellos - with them (feminine)
con usted - with you (polite) con ustedes - with you (polite
I am with you. Estoy contigo.
You are with me. Usted está conmigo.
She is with him. Ella está con él.
He is with her. Él está con ella.
I work with you now. Trabajo contigo ahora.
They live with me. Ellos viven conmigo.
Who lives with you?
 (singular - polite)
¿Quién vive con ustedes?
I want to speak with you.
 (plural - polite)
Quiero hablar con usted.

Note: There is one more pronoun that can be combined with 'con', but that is not used as commonly.  It is 'consigo' which means, with him or with her.  You only use it when the pronoun is referring to the subject.  For example:
                   He took the book with him - Él llevó los libros consigo.
                   My brother lives with him - Mi hermano vive con él.

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