Select the correct pronoun in combination with "con" (with). (Click here to review)
1. He goes to the store with me.
 Va a la tienda .
2. I go to the beach with him
 Voy a la playa  .
3. I go to the park with her
 Voy al parque 
4. He is going to the store with us.
 Va a la tienda  .
5. He is going to the beach with you (plural).
 Va a la playa .
6. He is going to the movies with you (singular).
 Va al cine .
7. I am going to the bank with them .
 Voy al banco  .
8. He is going to the field with me.
Él va al campo .
9.She is going to the restaurant with him.
 Ella va al restaurante  .
10. They are going to the supermarket with us.
 Van al supermercado .